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Your Own Strength

Hey Everyone! First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray this upcoming year is good to you, but not only you me too! I started blogging because I wanted my clients to know how real and down to Earth I am. However, I did stop. Someone asked me why? Well the honest truth is last year and still now, I’ve been lost. Last year a close friend/supporter passed away unexpectedly. I felt my heart break. This man started off as my teacher, he than became my co worker, and one of my biggest fans. We talked about almost everyday about everything. To wake up and have that type of relationship disappear, I still have no words.

I kept saying last year kept feeling like I was being prepared for a transition, but I felt that was because I was starting a new position at my full time job. I finally accepted the career of my dreams a School Social Worker, so why was I not happy? Last year, I also faced working on dismissing relationships that it was toxic to me and my business. I pulled away from friends who took and kept taking from me, but never gave. When I say gave I don’t mean providing money, but providing support, positive vibes, and consistency. So those toxic friendships had to go, I was giving more of myself and they felt it was nothing wrong with that. As long as I came out to play when they wanted me too. I honestly took steps last year by myself and if you know me I am very social and rarely alone. Being by myself was different, I was low key scared of where I was going. It felt like I had no vision, but I knew I had to prepare to step into a room full of people (bosses, middle class, millionaires, spectators etc) and turn heads, make something shake. AND I WAS SCARED! The person I would talk to about how I felt was now gone and my best friend had her own journey. So here I am trying to run a business when my body told me to just stop. You can’t do this….BUT GOD! Don’t get me wrong, I needed everything that came my way because right now I can sit here and tell you I am a Wonder Woman. My strength that I gained from my experiences makes sense (besides the death, I am still dealing with that part). I am becoming this woman of love, support, and positivity. And I love it here (I think my husband do too). I am making connections, the ones I let go gave space for people who love what they do and want to help push me and I am smiling (of course I cry, but with tears come a lesson of pick your head up, wipe your face, and stand tall). This upcoming year has to be good to me, I feel like why not? I did not give up and I’m still here standing , so why not be good to me? On top of that, I’m turning 30 this year (Jan 17). Overall, if you can take one thing out of this whole post remember “Everyday won’t be a happy day, sometimes your strength will be tested. Find your own formula method, stir it up, and eat that ish up! You gotta survive“. It’s YOUR OWN STRENGTH!!

This is a Moment With Jas

RIP Coach

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