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It’s SUNDAY y’all! Last week has been a challenge. I started back teaching in the building, coming home spending time with the boys, and also fulfilling my clients needs. I also had a moment of self reflection. Sometimes I think to myself I’m doing so much wheres my self care (self care is very important in your life, it’s very necessary). I’ve been asking for a vacation, but I guess I’m talking to the birds

because no one is listening (rolling my eyes out loud). Anyway! It’s Sunday and I have ALOT to be thankful for. However, I’ll like to start with God. Mannn, this amazing strength he has provided me is unexplainable. I am a strong individual and I am proud of myself. He has given me strength to complete these amazing images for YOU and for that I am THANKFUL! I am also thankful for you, you’re taking the time out to support me in whatever way possible and I SEE YOU, I RESPECT YOU, AND I CHERISH YOU! Now tell me this. What’s your gift? Tell me how do you use your gift? How thankful are you for your gift?

This is a MomentsWithJas!

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