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When I hear the term “hustle” I automatically have flashbacks of my coach yelling to my team and I. He wanted us to beat the time, no excuses. Well in my head, I honestly got frustrated. I’m pretty much always one of the first ones done. In my head I’m like “COACH IF THEYRE SLOW THAN THEYRE SLOW” HA. Not realizing, it didn’t matter how fast I could run, but what matter is simply when I became fed up could I finish the race? I believe this training and dedication is the reason my “hustle” a bit different.

Photography is not easy, especially being self taught. I feel the pressure often, and many times I’m giving myself 4/5s out of 10s because I know I have so much more to learn! Being a full time teacher, a wife ( scratch that A GOOD WIFE, kick tail mom, and business owner I’m surprised I still have hair (my locs are growing perfectly).

However, does that mean I should slow down because it’s the fourth quarter, 50 secs left and I’m up by one? Heck no!! I’m playing against the best 3 point shooter in the city. The ball is in their hands and I already know what they’re trained to do! And even when the game is over, there’s still the next top rating team I have to face. So with that being said, control/study the game, use your team mates (resources), and find your own moves and dominate. Work on your own

oh yeah I was featured on my first magazine covered this week! Felt like the beginning!

Excuse any typos, i was driving and stopped to typed this. I don’t like to proof read lmbo we will talk about it later!

This is MomentsWithJas


This is MomentsWithJas

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