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I did something exciting y’all! I wanted to bring a group of ladies who did not know each other together and create a environment of empowerment and love! Honestly, I did not think the outcome would be as powerful as such but I believe I formed a sisterhood. These ladies are planning another day we can all get together and just vibe. It did my heart good. There’s many people who would of been uncomfortable and the vibe could have been awkward BUT not this day!

On top of that i invited two other photographers. I wanted these ladies to share time as a team, connect with each other and not feel as everything is a competition. I wanted everyone to feel equal and loved. Do you notice how quickly someone will support someone else and not you? Or how successful people are, and than unwilling to help the next? I don’t live by those rules, I’m all for you win I win We all winning. I honestly feel like more people should be willing to support one another and want to see them win. So after reading this tell me, how can you be a better person in showing you want the next person to win? When have you put someone else first before yourself?

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